Disney Friends for Change 青年資助計劃 – 鄰舍第一

Disney Friends for Change 青年資助計劃

「Disney Friends for Change」(香港)資助計劃為年滿 12-25 歲的香港青少年提供一個機會,協助他們對世界作出持續而積極的改變。

本計劃將提供高達8,000 港元的資助予青少年推動由他們領導的計劃,申請人將會透過這些計劃發揮自己的領導才能、創造力、愛心及對其社區作出積極影響的決心。不論您關心的哪種社會問題,「Disney Friends for Change」(香港)資助計劃都能幫助您為人們、身邊的社區以至全世界作出改變。

Disney Friends for Change Hong Kong Grants offer young people, ages 12 to 25, in Hong Kong an opportunity to help make a lasting, positive change in the world.

The program awards HKD$4,000 and HKD$8,000 grants to youth-led projects that demonstrate youth leadership, creativity, compassion and the commitment to making a positive impact on their community.